What equipment do you need to open the milk tea shop?

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What equipment do you need to open a milk tea shop? It is well known that a milk tea shop is open. Besides the shops, the complete milk tea equipment is indispensable. So what would you do with the milk tea shop? Here's a comprehensive introduction for you.

Equipment list of milk tea shop

1, sealing machine
There are two kinds of sealing machine, one is automatic sealing machine, and the other is manual sealing machine, used to seal the cup mouth, improve work efficiency, especially when the business is good, avoid confusion.

2, fructose quantitative machine
Quantitative sugar addition for fructose. The sweetness of the same product is consistent with the amount of fructose, which does not appear to be sweet and some are not sweet enough.

3, preservation cabinets and frozen
The cabinet is mainly used to store some perishable materials and fresh fruits and so on. Freezer is mainly used for ice storage, of course, if there is a condition, you can buy an ice maker.

4, sand ice machine, ice crusher
Sand ice machine is mainly made of sand ice, ice crusher is broken ice. Sand ice machine is not only to do sand ice, fruit juice can also be used. There are two types of ice breaker: manual and automatic.

5. Water heater
The main purpose is to brew tea with hot water. Don't look down on this device, think you can boil your own water to soak it, then you are wrong. Tea is the main raw material of milk tea shop, and very few products have no tea, so its dosage is very large.

6. Water purifier
Tap water filtration, milk tea is now sold, you need to use a lot of water, a high quality water purifier is essential, easy to use quickly, not to delay business.

7, manual press
Now, people pay attention to green health, fresh juice has become the trend. Mainly used to squeeze lemon and green orange, lemon water is generally sold more, milk tea shop can reserve one.

What equipment do you need to open the milk tea shop? Besides the above equipment, there are some small equipment. For example: bar soup, squeeze sauce bottle, extrusion mouth, jam spoon, milk tea bucket, ice shovel, tweezers, electromagnetic oven and so on.

The above is about the tea shop equipment details, and I hope to help you. Tea shop equipment as personal funds and tea shop location to consider, if entrepreneurship is just the novice, suggest that you can take the necessary equipment to buy basic Qi, the rest to the business can be started to purchase again.

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